Larry P. Kelley

This page will list the names and complaints against companies/individuals that "rip" people off! If you have a complaint... please send it to me at I just rec'd this letter on June 24th 2008. From Jason To whoever reads this please pay close attention. I went to this site because the really low price phones and electronics sounded so tempting. Well I contacted one of the companies to purchase a Nokia N95 8GB and an extra battery,the whole thing was $245 dollars which is really cheap taking into account that those phones are like $750 or so. Well the phone was paid for but never arrived to my place of residence,instead I got a shitty digital camera. I have tried calling them and the phone just rings and rings and I sent like 25 emails and have gotten no answer so I hope nobody gets ripped off like me from this site. These are the websites and every company affiliated with this site is a fraud and the main website itself the costumer support team just said to talk to them and try to negotiate getting the product which tells me that the whole thing is a fraud. So if anyone can do something with this info please fell free to do it. Thanks Jason First Name: Shujin Second Name: Wu City: Putian Country:China Direct Phone:0086-13285038510